COVID Vaccine Safety During Pregnancy

coronavirus and pregnancy

Is the Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women? Is it Ethical? What you should know about COVID – 19 Vaccinations COVID-19 Vaccination is in the process of distribution. The State is currently in phase A2 of distribution. Priorities in this phase is to get the vaccines out to medical workers, and residents of community housing facilities, […]

The Importance of Folate Consumption During Fetal Development

Add Folate to Your Diet

Folate is known to prevent neural tube birth defects, which affect approximately 3,000 pregnancies every year in the United States [1].  This is an essential nutrient that supports neural tube development during pregnancy. What Are Neural Tube Defects? An embryo’s nervous system forms just one month after conception, before many women even realize they’re pregnant. […]

Can You Still Have an Abortion if You Have an STI?

Can You Still Have an Abortion if You Have an STI

Pregnancy Care Clinic now offers STI Testing! The term STD has been updated with the more accurate term, STI. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are infections that spread from one person to another through sexual contact. STIs can seriously compromise a woman’s reproductive health and general health overall. Medical risks can increase when STIs are undiagnosed […]

Concern for Coronavirus During and After Pregnancy

coronavirus and pregnancy

Coronavirus and Pregnancy The Coronavirus is not new. It was discovered in the 1960’s when testing was done on students who were believed to have a common cold infection. [1] Learn the interesting history of this virus here: Since then, there have been several mutations found which affect humans. Most notably are SARS, MERS, and […]

Choosing the Right Prenatal Vitamin


Prenatal vitamin with folic acid or methylfolate? You’ve probably heard that you should be supplementing with folic acid during pregnancy. It is key for your baby’s growth and development. It is also important to support your production of new cells, and repair of damaged DNA! Healthy levels of folate can also help prevent several forms […]

Healthy Choices to Begin Making in 2020

New Year, New You! Healthy Choices to Begin Making in 2020

You don’t have to set sky-high goals for 2020. Even small changes in your choices can add up to big changes towards a fulfilling and healthy life.

Unexpected Pregnancy: What Are Next Steps?


It’s hard to imagine something more daunting than realizing you’re pregnant when you don’t want to be. We provide four steps that help answer, “What next?”

How Late Can Your Period Be?

How Late Can Your Period Be?

Periods can sometimes drive you crazy, especially when it's late. We discuss how late your period can be before it becomes something to be concerned about.

Four Ways to Maintain Your Reproductive Health

four ways to maintain your reproductive health

Did you know that the choices you make today impact your fertility in the future? We discuss four ways to help maintain your reproductive health today.