COVID Vaccine Safety During Pregnancy

Is the Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women? Is it Ethical?

What you should know about COVID – 19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccination is in the process of distribution. The State is currently in phase A2 of distribution. Priorities in this phase is to get the vaccines out to medical workers, and residents of community housing facilities, and various essential employees. It is possible to get a vaccine now, however this is only after the priorities are addressed and to prevent spoilage. Vaccination is not mandated by the government at this time. Some airlines have declared patrons cannot fly unless they have been vaccinated. Though this requirement was announced prior to the vaccine being available to the general public. Is the Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women? Is it Ethical? PCC can't answer that question for you, but we can help you make an informed choice about getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

Is The Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women - General Information

There are two vaccines available in the US currently, but more are in development. We have had a lot of questions and concerns about the vaccine's safety and if they are ethically produced. Operation Warp Speed made funds available to most of the biotech companies to get a vaccine produced quickly using as many different methods as possible! It should be noted that trials for these vaccines happened very rapidly, with smaller sample sizes, and were not focused on women who are pregnant, or breastfeeding. The CDC has recommendations for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. In short the “experts” say it is unlikely to be a risk for pregnant or breastfeeding women to receive the vaccine. But the actual risks are unknown at this time. The CDC says, side effects can occur but are not expected to be different for pregnant women. Sometimes these side effects are severe like anaphylactic shock, flu like symptoms, headaches, swelling of the brain and Bell’s Palsy. PCC’s medical director cautions pregnant women considering mRNA based vaccines because they change RNA in cells and challenge the DNA. Spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) are often triggered by genetic abnormalities in the fetus. Pregnant women receiving mRNA vaccines without the proper testing of the vaccine on significant samples of pregnant or breastfeeding women is risky. The development of COVID-19 vaccines are centered around how to train the immune system to recognize the spike proteins that protrude outside the Corona Virus. Each biotech company chose different ways to do that. Operation Warp Speed has also indemnified the pharmaceutical companies from being prosecuted for severe side effects. Here are some of the important details on many of these vaccines.

Find Out If You are Pregnant Before You Get the Vaccine:

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Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Ethical?

Moderna & Pfizer/BioNTech:

vaccines are the first to be approved by the FDA in the US. They are produced using a new vaccine technology. The vaccine contains mRNA (messenger RNA) that attaches to the RNA in healthy cells to produce “spike proteins”. These spike proteins are the same ones on the surface of COVID-19 virus. The human immune system is trained to recognize the spike proteins and attack any cell that has them. The mRNA in the vaccine is wrapped in a lipid (fat) particle for delivery. Human fetal stem cell line HEK-293 was used to produce spike proteins in early phases of research by both companies. However human fetal stem cells are not used to produce the vaccine. Moderna’s vaccine is 94% effective and Pfizer’s is 95% effective. Both vaccines are unstable and must be stored a very low temperatures. They are administered in two doses that are about 21 days apart. The Charlotte Lozier Institute has determined these two vaccines are ethically produced. This new mRNA vaccine technology has great promise for moving the vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies away from the unethical use of aborted human fetal stem cells that have been used since the 60’s. The COVID-19 vaccine is the first approved vaccine of this kind. Since it is very new technology it is difficult to know the long term outcomes of mRNA use vaccination.

AstraZenica / Oxford:

vaccine contains adenovirus with encoded DNA inside. It is reportedly 90% effective. To understand how the AstraZenica vaccine works, check out this article from the NY Times. The AstraZenica vaccine is preferred in the medical field because it does not require refrigeration, and is generally less fragile since it uses DNA rather than RNA. Adenovirus vaccines are a well known therapy for promoting immunity. It should be noted that the AstraZenica vaccine requires large quantities of adenovirus be produced. This is done using human fetal kidney cells from an abortion done in 1972 labeled HEK-295. The vaccine itself does not “contain aborted baby cells.” But the Adenovirus cells were produced by infecting large quantities of “immortal cells” (HEK-295). This vaccine is close to approval by the FDA, and has already been approved in the UK and Mexico.

CanSino Biologics:

vaccine contains adenovirus with encoded DNA inside. Immortal fetal Stem cells (HEK-295) is used to replicate the adenovirus. This vaccine is approved in 10 countries and is reported to have 86% effectiveness, however Chile has suspended its use due to reported issues with transparency. The CanSino vaccine is produced in China and is not a part of Operation Warp Speed. This vaccine will likely never be presented to the FDA for approval in the US.

Janssen Research / Johnson & Johnson:

vaccine contains adenovirus with encoded DNA inside.  Immortal fetal stem cells from (PER.C6) a Johnson and Johnson proprietary aborted fetal cell line derived from an 18 week aborted fetus’ retina cells in 1985. This vaccine is part of Operation Warp Speed, and has been submitted for emergency authorization by the FDA.

Immunity Bio / NantKwest:

vaccine is developed here in San Diego. It contains adenovirus with encoded DNA inside. The Adenovirus is grown in immortal fetal stem cell line (HEK-295). The DNA inside teaches the host cell to produce spike protein and proteins called capsids (membrane) that are then attacked by the immune system. This vaccine has entered phase 2 trials in December 2020. It is an oral capsule and can be stored at room temperature.

Novavax & Sanofi / GlaxoSmithKline:

vaccine contains fragments of COVID-19 produced in insect cells (spike and capsid proteins). These fragments are directly injected for the immune system to attack. This vaccine technology has been employed to produce flu shots for many years. These vaccines do not utilize human fetal stem cells, and are considered ethically produced. The Novavax vaccine was reported to have entered phase 3 of trials in December 2020. Development by Sanofi / GSK has hit a snag, and is not expected to be ready until the end of 2021.

The Importance of Ethically Sourced Vaccines:

Alternatives to unethical fetal stem cell vaccination for COVID-19 is encouraging. Every attempt to avoid vaccines produced using aborted fetal cells should be employed. Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are available now, and are derived ethically. Weighing the risk of using this new technology is a highly personal decision. Fortunately the Novavax vaccine may be ready for FDA approval soon. If approved, it would address a lot of the concerns people have. For more on the moral paradox of vaccines derived from aborted fetuses, consider this blog article written in 2015 by Josh McClure.