There are many obstacles when it comes to Post Abortion Healing.

“I used to lie awake in bed at night wondering how old that child would have been or even the gender…”

The affects can be so subtle.

“I would get infuriated when I would see billboards with a Pro-life message…they have never walked in my shoes.”

And many times debilitating.

“My depression just keeps creeping back. I have moments that I feel ok, but lately I haven’t been able to shake it off.”

For decades both men and women have been gripped with isolation of the abortion experience. In many cases:

  • Some can’t pinpoint the reason why they find it difficult to move ahead.
  • Or they have a constant current of sadness regardless of where they are.
  • And even memories or ideas as to what it would have been to have raised those children.

Pregnancy Care Clinic offers a 10 week bible study for women and men, ‘Forgiven and Set Free’ for women and ‘Healing a Father’s Heart’ for men. Both classes are offered in both English and Spanish. “This ministry is a life changing experience”.